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Everything you need for your next residential or commercial landscaping project is right here!

Landscaping is one of those unique projects where the quality of the products you use need to be of the highest quality to avoid expensive failures that will spoil the good looks you need to achieve.

At Hervey Bay Garden Centre we always have the best products to ensure all your landscaping and building projects will be carried out to their full potential adding beauty and value to any residential or commercial project.

Take a look at our mulches and barks

Hervey Bay Garden Centre has a large range of mulches to enhance your gardens and landscapes. Mulches help minimize evaporation and if applied thick enough will suppress weeds.

Mulches can prevent soil erosion without damaging the soil structure. Mulches help your garden by releasing nutrients into the soil by the natural breaking down of the organic mulch material.

Consider our pebbles and quarry products

Pebbles and gravels are ideal for many decorative uses and are also suitable on driveways and pathways. There are also some available for drainage purposes.

Pebbles and gravels are great for elegant, low maintenance garden beds as well as entry walls, paths and walkways. They also make a beautiful addition to rockery gardens, water features and dry creek beds.

When combined with square or rectangular pavers they make a beautiful contemporary statement. Rounded riverstone pebbles are great for pathways as their smooth surface is comfortable, even on bare feet.

For driveways and pathways the ideal recommended depth is between 50-80mm to ensure the material under the pebbles is well covered.


Make them grow with our garden soil, topsoil and lawn dressing

We have an all-purpose soil for garden beds that is suitable for most planting situations. This is a rich blend with the end result being a beautiful growing medium perfect for all garden beds, especially vegetable gardens. Our finely screened soil when spread evenly allows existing grass to come through quickly.

Our Top Soil is high sand content loam, ideal for ground levelling, as a base for gardens, under and over turf. It is essential to water thoroughly after top dressing to encourage the new growth and to prevent crusting. Remember to achieve the best results when top-dressing you should have the tops of the grass exposed.

Pavers, retaining walls and masonry blocks

Thanks to Hervey Bay Garden Centre’s great buying power you can make your selection from some of the best pavers and link walls available on the Fraser Coast. Our selection of pavers are available in a large range of colours to suit any design palette. Masonry blocks are an ideal choice for strength and durability and we have the largest selection available on the coast.

We always have available the standard, small format pavers which are a practical, affordable and versatile choice, offering easy installation and maintenance. We offer these unique, durable pavers that look good when laid as brick pave, creating stylish driveways, courtyards and paths.

Create perfect boundaries with our landscape and fencing timber

The look of timber products in any landscape design creates that special feeling. We have a range of new and re-usable pine and hardwood sleepers available.

Our timbers are ideal for many outdoor garden features including fencing, retaining walls, pergolas and garden stairs. We also stock a range of pine fence posts for the do-it-yourself handy-person.


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Plants & Ornaments
Nothing adds good looks and value to any home or commercial property more than an exquisite garden featuring a selection of plants and ornaments that are 100% suitable for the region.
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Conveniently located to service the needs of the Hervey Bay and surrounding districts our experienced staff will give you the best advice on gardening and landscaping products.
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