132 Scrub Hill Road, Dundowran Qld 4655

Phone: 07 4124 1769


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Hervey Bay Garden Centre are owned and operated by Dale and Kimberly Vanzetta who have, over many years, developed firm relationships with all residential and commercial clients on the Fraser Coast

Conveniently located to service the needs of the Hervey Bay and surrounding districts our experienced staff will give you the best advice on gardening and landscaping products.

Hervey Bay Garden Centre has original ideas and no project is too big or small.

To value add their services to those in Hervey Bay and the surrounding Fraser Coast, our highly experienced professionals will assist with a landscaping consultancy service to provide the best ideas and the best options for your project. We also have the expertise to evaluate the quantities required and can easily provide some practical advice on getting the job done.

For your convenience we will then provide a written quote for the project. A remarkable service that is unique to the Fraser Coast’s very own Hervey Bay Garden Centre.

We always have available a comprehensive range of quality products suitable for the home handyman and tradesman alike. These products include:

• Garden soils, topsoil and potting mix
• Organic and decorative mulches
• Sands, road base and drainage products
• Decorative stones and pebbles
• Bagged fertilizers and soils
• Paving and retaining wall products
• Concrete blocks
• Treated landscape and fencing timber
• Complete range of cement products
• Small range of water features and pots, accessories for ponds and water features
• Gardening accessories

Hervey Bay Garden Centre have a fleet of trucks and can deliver any quantity you require on the same day that you order and at the agreed time. If you have your own car, ute or trailer we can easily load any product you require. Drive in and place your order and we'll do the rest.

Hervey Bay Garden Centre -Residential and Commercial landscaping supplies and nursery

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